landscape and garden installation, renovation, design, and maintenance.

These garden installation tasks may be accomplished through years of skilled experience which include the following:

garden installation photo of 3 tier garden. Freshly landscaped with stones and flowers and bushes.

Gardenscape, planting, hardscape, outcropping, dry stack and segmented walls, masonry, pavers, water features, rain gardens, reclamation, dry creek beds, lawn installation and restoration, regular maintenance including tree trimming/pruning, weeds, compost, mulch, and any other tasks.

garden installation photo of a finished front yard with rocks and bushes.

Creating a space that delivers all things necessary for having an outdoor experience that is your space. No matter the esthetic, vision, function, design or material all will be handled at a master level.

garden installation photo is a close up of someone planting with a trowel.

This would be achieved through a clear and defined planning process that you can choose to be involved in as much as you care.

We are owned, run and act locally in the greater Twin Cities area. With an emphasis on using locally or regionally produced products whenever possible.

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